Here’s What Can Happen If You Don’t Have an Estate Plan of Your Own, Continued

In this post, we’ll continue our discussion of why everyone needs an estate plan.

Loss of Control

Losing control over how your assets are distributed after death isn’t the only negative consequence of failing to plan. You and your family may suffer physically, financially, and emotionally while you are still alive. For example, a properly designed and implemented plan allows you to name people whom you trust to make medical and/or financial decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Without a plan, someone will petition the court for the right to make these important decisions for you. The court could very well decide to choose a person or persons you would never have wanted to have such authority. The result? You may not receive the level of medical care you would have wanted. Conversely, you might be subjected to medical procedures you would not have wanted to keep you alive in an end-of-life situation. Similarly, financial decisions might be made about the management of your assets and life-savings that you would never have taken on your own.

Then there is the emotional impact on your family to consider. Your loved ones will be forced to make difficult decisions about your care. This is not only stressful for them, it often leads to infighting and hard feelings that endure for years. Disputes over your assets may also arise, leading to costly court battles and bitterness that can last a lifetime. Many families are torn apart by disputes over “what mom or dad would have wanted.” 

Finally, if something terrible happens to you and your spouse, and you have minor children, who will care for and raise them? Proper planning allows you to give this authority to a person or persons you trust. Without a plan, the court will decide. The court’s decision could lead to your children being raised in a place and manner you never would have wanted.

Your family is important to you and you want to ensure that your family is protected and that your assets are protected and are dispersed per your personal goals. Your wishes for your medical care are of vital importance. Not only will proper planning ensure that your wishes will be carried out; it will also reduce the hard feelings that can sometimes occur within families. You’ve prepared for your future for your entire life, now is the time to prepare for your loved one’s future as well by completing your personalized estate plan.

As you can see, the failure to plan can have unforeseen and dire consequences. Don’t settle for the state’s estate plan. Put a plan of your own in place, one created by an attorney who focuses on estate planning. Many of our clients tell us that they experience a sense of relief and peace of mind following the implementation of their plans. Chances are, you will too. 

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