Estate Planning Pro Tips

Timothy Crisafulli

In this series of podcasts, attorney Tim Crisafulli helps listeners understand essential aspects of estate planning, probate, and elder law. As a former middle school and high school teacher, Tim makes complex legal concepts easy to understand. The Crisafulli Estate Planning & Elder Law, P.C. serves clients throughout central New York.

Who needs Estate Planning and when?

Tim explains why Estate Planning is for everyone and the best times in life to visit (or revisit) it.

What if I die without a Will?

Tim shares details about the default plan that the state already has in place for your assets if you die without a Will.

What are my options if I inherit an IRA or Qualified Plan Asset?

Tim explains the options that the beneficiary of an IRA has when the original owner passes away.

How to plan with life insurance

In this episode, Tim explores the nuances of planning with life insurance.

Overview of trusts

Tim compares key features and functions of different types of trusts.

Health Care Proxy, Living Will, and Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST)

Tim describes key documents needed to maintain control of your health care decision making.

Nursing home now - never too late

Tim explains how people can save assets even if they are about to enter, or even if they are already admitted to a nursing home.

Power of Attorney

Tim explores the purpose of this estate planning document and point out ways in which one type may differ from another.

It might not matter what your Will says

Tim reviews assets that pass to others regardless of what a decedent’s Last Will and Testament might say.

How much can I give away every year?

Tim addresses key considerations of lifetime gifting.

How much for a Simple Will?

Tim explains when a Simple Will is sufficient, and why some people choose more advanced planning.

Should I sign over my house to my kids?

Tim describes the downsides to transferring a house to adult children while retaining life use, and also suggests an alternative.